Sodium Silicate

Sodium Silicate Powder 

Sodium Silicate Powder
Product Description:
Sodium Silicate popular name is water glass, and its structural formula is Na2O. nSiO2 (n can be adjusted according to use and need) is a widely used inorganic chemical product. The special chemical products which has different specifications - solid sodium silicate,is chemical melting combined under the high temperature by sodium carbonate and extremely pure quartz sand in different ratio. Solid sodium silicate has been widely used in industrial production and daily life, mainly for the chemical silicate production industry,such as silica gel, silicon sol , white charcoal, zeolite, numerator screen, silicon layer,. It is the basic raw material of silicon compounds. In addition, this product is also used to industries of paperboard, detergents, paper making, welding rod, construction, metallurgy, and casting.
 Technical Specifications:
Sodium silicate
1) Modulus: 2.0~3.4 (according to customers requirements)
2) Na2O+SiO2: 98.5% min.
3) Insuoble matter:0.3%max
4) Fe2O3:0.03%max
Packing: 25kg / 1000kg/1200kg/1250kg and etc.

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