Sulfomethylated Tannin Extract SMK

Sulfonated Tannin Extract       BIC SMK 100

Features & uses
SMK is made from special tannin extract by sulfonation and other chemical modifications. It doesn’t contain any heavy metal ions and is a non-toxic, non-polluting, free flowing brown powder and has a PH of approximately 10.0. SMK has a stronger hydroscopicity and good solubility. SMK has excellent thinning capacity in all type of water base drilling muds, particularly in polymer muds. It can effectively lower the viscosity and shear strength of muds. As a high temerature (180℃) resistant thinner , it can improve the thermal stability and control the rheological properties of muds under high temperature. SMK has a good compatibility with all common water base mud additives. By the means, it may be used to solve the problems against salt contamination. 
Product quality: Conform to Industial standard SY/T 5091-93
Recommended treatment 
1. Normal treatment in fresh water muds as a thinner is about 1%;
2. As a thinner for muds at high temperature: 2~3%.
Net. 25kg , polyethylene film inside and polypropylene braid or compound kraft paper outside bags.

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