Sulfomethylated Lignite SMC100

Sulfomethylated Lignite SMC             BIC SMC100 

Sulfomethylated Lignite SMC

Product Description
Drilling fluid Sulfomethylated Lignite SMC is a lignite humic acid derivatives, it is obtained of the lignite under the conditions of the sulfonated agent and proper temperature.
Drilling fluid Sulfomethylated Lignite SMC mainly used in petuoleum, geological exploration drilling. In the drilling mud, it has a significant role in filtrate loss reduction and viscosity reduction control. Frequently used with Humic acid kalium, SPNH, Sulfonated phenol formaldehyde resin, etc.
Normal dosage is 2.0-3.0%.
Technical Data

Appearance Color black brown powder
Drybasis humic acid,% 45.0
Full chromium of drybasis,% 1.70
Moisture content,% 15.0

Resinated lignite Package: Ton bags or 25kg or 50lb per sack, sealed in 4-in-1 compound paper bag with plastic lining, or packed according to the clients' requirements.

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