Potassium Lignite

Potassium lignite BIC KLIG100

Potassium Lignite
Potassium Lignite is a lignite humic acid derivative obtained from lignite under the condition of the sulfonating at proper temperature. It is brown-black powder, and is a kind of fresh water drilling viscosity depressant and filtration loss control agent, can resist the temperature of 200°C~220°C. It is a kind of cost-effective mud conditioner.
Technical Data 

Black brown powder
Drybasis humic acid,%
Full chromium of drybasis,%
Moisture content,%

Potassium Lignite  mainly used in petroleum, geological exploration drilling. In the drilling mud, Potassium Lignite has a significant role in filtrate loss reduction and viscosity reduction control. Potassium Lignite can use with many kinds of drilling fluid together directly. Frequently used with Humic acid kalium, SPNH, Sulfonated phenol formaldehyde resin, etc.
Normal dosage is 2.0-3.0%.
25kg /PP. woven bag or 25kg / paper bag with inner plastic lining

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