Calcium Lignosulphonate

Calcium Lignosulphonate       BIC CALS100

Calcium Lignosulphonate    
Calcium Lignosulphonate is a kind of natural anionic surface active agent processed with sulfurous acid pulping waste through advanced production technology. It can work well with other chemicals and produce early strength agent, slow setting agent, antifreeze and pumping agent. It is widely used in oilfield, concrete/cementing industries .
Calcium  Lignosulfonate Technical Specification

Test Results
 PH  Value
 Dry Matter
 Water insoluble matter

 Main performance:
1,Can reduce 10% of water consumption at least ; 
2, can improve mixture of the concrete;
3, Compression strength improves by more than 15% equally on 3-28 days; 
4, Have no function of corroding on the reinforcing bar. 

Operation methods :
 1. 0.2-0.5% of mixing amount in concrete (with cement weight), users can adjust the mixing amount through the test ; 
2. Can use after mixed liquid , also can put with cement , aggregate into mixer to use at the same time too, need lengthen time properly; 
3. the result is more obvious after mixing with high-efficient naphthalene department water-reducing agent. User can determine the suitable dosage according to the result that cement variety, aggregate situation, naphthalene department type of water-reducing agent are tested fixing; 

Packing, storage & transportation: 
1, Packing: 25kg in PP woven bag lined with plastic film. 
2,Storage: Kept in dry and ventilating place, prevent from rain and moisture when storage; if agglomerated, please crush and make it into solution, and its effect will be the same.

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