Si-OH Thinner

Si-OH Thinner for Drilling Fluids     BIC-SIOH100

Si-OH Thinner BIC-TH for drilling fluids
Product Description
Si-OH Thinner BIC-TH is made from organic silicon compounds with modified synergistic material as auxiliary material. It can reduce viscosity of drilling fluid and maintain rheology effectively.  
*Stabilize the borehole walls by limiting the cutting dispersion and hydration expansion. Stabilizes borehole, limits cutting dispersion and hydration expansion
* Improves the rheology of drilling fluids and the quality of filter cake
* Non-fluorescence. Used for exploration logging and appraisal logging
* Easily biodegradation, pollution-free
* Easy to use, convenient to maintain, no powder contamination
Application Range and Method
Si-OH Thinner BIC-TH can be applied to all types of water-based drilling fluids, even reducing viscosity and diluting in high-viscosity drilling fluids.
Si-OH Thinner BIC-TH can be formulated into drilling fluids recycle system directly byuniform or intermittent slow injection.
Recommend dosage is 1.5% to 2.5%.
Technical Data

Tint Emulsion liquid
Solid content, %                 ≥
Viscosity reduce rate(20℃,16 hours’ rolling) ≥
Viscosity reduce rate (120℃, 16 hours’ hot-rolling) ≥
Inhibition Rate                  ≥

Package and Storage
25kg or 200kg plastic drums package or according to customer’s requirement.
Avoid high-intensity extreme pressure, heat and prolonged exposure to strong sunlight, during transportation and storage.

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