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Eco Drilling Mud Lubricant CFK-1

Eco Drilling Mud Lubricant        CFK-1

Anti-seize Lubricant CFK-1
Product Description
Anti-seize Lubricant for Drilling Fluid CFK-1 is modified from plant fatty acid ester. Its appearance is brown oily liquid, and density is 0.92 ~ 1.00g/cm3, with a little camsing odour. CFK-1 whose molecule contains adsorption groups, can adsorb tightly to the surface of drilling tools. It is mainly used to improve the lubricity of drilling fluid, reduce the friction factor of mud cake, decrease the probability of pipe sticking and enhance the security of drilling operation.
*Effect quickly. Excellent adsorption. It can quickly reduce the friction resistance between drilling tool, drilling bit and stratum. Torque reduces visibly on the rotary table
*Excellent defoaming
*No effect on adjacency and other properties of drilling fluid
*Low fluorescence, can be used for exploration logging and appraisal logging
*Excellent adjustment on the rheology for high density drilling fluid
Application Range and Method
Used for various water-based drilling fluids. It is obviously effective on the drilling operation, electrical logging and casing in for directional, horizontal and other kinds of wells.
When use, directly mixed into drilling fluid.
Recommend dosage is 1.0% to 2.5%.
Technical Data

Brown oily liquid
Fluorescence level                               
Defoaming rate, %                               
Lubricating coefficient-reduction rate in fresh water mud, % 
Lubricating coefficient-reduction rate in salt water mud, % 

 Package and Storage
25kg or 180kg plastic drums or according to customer’s requirement.
Avoid high-intensity extreme pressure, heat and prolonged exposure to strong sunlight.

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