Aluminum Stearate Base Defoamer ASBD

Aluminum Stearate Base Defoamer BIC ASBD

Product Description
Defoamer for Drilling Fluid ASBD is made of low fluorescence plant oleate and non-toxicity surfactants with brown liquid, which is mainly used in water-based drilling fluid system with excellently defoaming and lubricating effect.
*Strong defoaming
*Wide spectrum defoaming
*Excellent lubricating
*Durable effectiveness
*Quick in effect and easy to use
 Application Range and Method
DEFA is suitable for defoaming operation of water-based drilling fluid. There is excellent effect for all kinds of foaming conditions caused by drilling fluid additives and other reasons, and a certain inhibitary action foaming caused by carbonate contamination in the drilling fluid.
DEFA should be mixed into drilling fluid cycling evenly and slowly.
Recommend dosage is 0.1% to 0.5%.
Technical Data

Brown liquid
Density, g/cm3
0.9 ~ 1.0
Density restoration rate in fresh water mud, % 
96 min
Density restoration rate in 4% salt water mud, % 
96 min

 Package and Storage
25kg plastic bags, 180kg plastic drums or according to customer’s requirement. Avoid high-intensity extreme pressure, heat and prolonged exposure to strong sunlight.

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