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As a leading manufacturer of CMC, Xanthan Gum and other oilfield chemicals for drilling fluids and mud chemicals in the oil & gas drilling, exploration and mining industries in China, we are dedicated to cooperating with you in the following ways:
►Steady and speedy one-stop shop for oilfield chemicals in China
►OEM / Outsourcing
Whawei is committed to supplying oilfield chemicals to our clients at the most competitive prices and with the highest quality standards according to different drilling fluids system, completion fluids system, production chemicals, drilling waste treatment system in oilfield, mining, shale gas, hydrogeology hydropower, metallurgy and pile foundation drilling industry.
We have maintained a long-term cooperation with many reputable customers in China and oversea countries such as Sinopec, CNOOC, Yanchang Oilfield and Changqing Oilfield. 

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Oilfield Chemical Products List


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